“The New Nationalism with his call to put “America first”, Donald Trump is the latest recruit to a dangerous nationalism” The Economist, 19/11/16

Article Link: http://www.economist.com/news/leaders/21710249-his-call-put-america-first-donald-trump-latest-recruit-dangerous?fsrc=scn/tw/te/bl/ed/trumpsworldthenewnationalism

Our Summary: The Economist article begins with comparisons between Donald trump’s cry to make “America Great Again!” and Ronald Reagan’s campaign in 1980 after the Carter presidency failed the American people. The article continues by highlighting Ronald Reagan’s words describing America as a shining  “city on a hill” with echoes of America being an outward looking nation. In contrast to Donald Trump’s “No longer surrender this country” remarks pointing towards an inward looking “angry” nation.

Following on “New Nationalism” is described as a renewed race by the biggest powers “Russia, China and Turkey” towards varying chauvinism leading to a more “dangerous world”. Continuing to explore the subject of Nationalism the article describes how nationalism could be seen in positive light through “Civic Nationalism”, however Donald Trumps patriotism is a “blow to civic nationalism”. It also states how “ethnic nationalism” is on the rise in the world with differing faces in Russia, Turkey, India and China. Accordingly ethnic nationalism is “prospering” whilst post-war nationalism is failing.

Continuing, the ailing EU and it post-war vision of uniting European nations is failing with evident signs from Brexit. Possibly other European nations with a rise in “xenophobic ultranationalists” following may lead to the destruction of the EU. Historically when America last “turned inward” after World War I, the consequences were “calamitous”. An inward looking America will make solving global issues more difficult. Also the reduced protection from the US walking away from international security may lead to a “more unstable world”. Mr Trump’s “isolationist” vision  and new nationalism may lead to others nations following. This may consequently follow into a downward spiral for America and lead to hostilities within it and with others. The article concludes by mentioning how Donald Trump should change his “dark vision” for the sake of his country and the world and bring his vision in line with previous presidents.

Our Verdict: This article highlights the growing concerns surrounding global politics with Nationalistic and Ultra-nationalistic tendencies from prominent nations. We agree this is a growing trend across the globe that increases the chances of future hostilities between nations leading to instability in regions throughout the world. If this continues the future outlook is fearful. Where Post-war America captained the world towards capitalism and globalism it now is leading it towards nationalism and isolationism.

Key Word: Isolationism



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