“Turkey says Kurdish militants may be behind soccer bombing that killed 38” Reuters, 11/12/16

Report Link: http://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-turkey-blast-idUKKBN140070

Our Summary: The report focuses on the latest terrorist attack in Turkey where 38 have been killed and 155 wounded by militants outside Besiktas soccer stadium in Istanbul, as militants targeted the police. Of the 38 killed 7 were civilians and 1 remains unidentified. There were two explosions, one of a car bomb and the other in a nearby car park. The Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) have been implicated by the deputy PM, in relation to the attack 10 people have been detained. The Deputy PM is quoted to say “The arrows point at the PKK,”.

Following on the report mentions the not so favourable relationship between Turkey and its allies especially the US regarding its Syria policy. The disagreement surrounds the US support for YPG, fighting ISIS(Daesh) in Syria. Turkey alleging YPG to be an extension to PKK. In Turkey, Sunday has been announced a day of national mourning. President Tayyip Erdogan cancelled his trip Kazakhstan and described the attacks as an aim “to cause maximum damage”. In a defiant statement he vows to overcome terrorist groups and the “forces behind them”. Continuing on the report importantly mentions how recently as last week ISIS has called to target Turkey for its attacks.

The NATO Secretary-General describes attacks as “horrific acts of terror”, European leaders and the US sent messages of solidarity with the Turkish nation. The attacks come after the failed military coup in which 240 were killed and the attack in June on Atarturk airport.

Our Verdict: Turkey continues to suffer from terrorism on its shores. The latest attack is part of a series of attacks to shock the Turkish nation this year. The pattern continues where the Turkish government vows to fight terrorism. Its struggle against PKK and “external forces” continues to trouble the defiant Turkish government. Finger-pointing towards PKK is unsurprising and maybe politically favourable to the Turkish government, however we think the ISIS threat after the recent call to target Turkey has significance. Its uncomplimentary relationship with US due to its support of YPG in Syria and also the support for Fethullah Gulen shows externally Turkey has withering support in the world. Also the souring of Turkey’s relationship with EU doesn’t help its fight against terrorism. It will be interesting to see how the Turkish government deals with this latest atrocity.

Key Word: Defiance


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