“China warns Trump against ignoring its Taiwan interests” Reuters, 13/12/16

Article Link: http://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-usa-trump-china-idUKKBN1410LR

Our Summary: This articles begins with a video highlighting the key facts of this issue with China’s concerns with Donald Trump’s “One China” comments. These comments highlight the changing relationship being initiated by Trump to strengthen ties with Taiwan rather than China and as the video states puts into “question nearly 4 decades of US policy”. The phone call from Taiwan was the first since Jimmy Carter had nearly 40 years ago. China warns any damaging of the “One China” concept would adversely affect the improving US-China relationship.

Following on the article explains how China has expressed concerns regarding the US president elects comments about Taiwan not necessarily being part of “One China”. The protest from China occurred after Donald Trump accepted a phone call from the Taiwanese president. China say the Taiwan issue “concerns China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity” and that China is keeping a close eye on developments surrounding the issue.

However despite this China has reached out through a senior Chinese diplomat who urged the incoming US administration to “avoid the broader picture of China-US ties seriously being interfered with or damaged”. The Chinese diplomat discussed how the China-US relationship was not only important for the people of both countries but also for the peace and stability of the Asia-Pacific region and the world. Whilst Trump considers who will be the new US ambassador to China, someone friendly with Beijing or a Bush era official who “urged a tougher line” with China. This same official urged the new US president to take a position to halt China military extension into Southern and Eastern China seas. He also mentioned ties could be improved gradually by initially inviting Taiwanese diplomat on visits to the White House.

Our Verdict: This Reuters article signifies the challenges facing the world with its relationship with a “rejuvenated” US lead by Donald Trump who wants to make “America great again”. His boldness here with an issue sensitive to the Chinese government further exemplifies, that Trump’s rhetoric during the Presidential campaign may have credence. In most circumstances this would be good, when those leaders vowing to their nations and making promises, to follow these promises to action. However in this case and others involving Donald Trump his bold moves threaten the relative peace and good relations between nations. China has tried here to use diplomacy to try deter the new US administration from meddling with the Taiwan-China affair. The true indication of the incoming Trump administration’s stance regarding future relations with China, would be the choice Donald Trump makes for the US Ambassador to China. Will he choose the Chinese friendly Iowa governor or the Tough-on-China former Bush administration official?

 Key Word: Interference


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