“US hacking claims: Obama told Putin to ‘cut it out'” BBC News, 17/12/16

Article Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-38349989

Our Summary: This BBC report claims US president warned Russian president Putin to “Cut it out” in a phone call before the US presidential election. Mr Putin was warned of “serious consequences” in September. In October the US accused Russia of interfering in the US elections. Mr Obama has promised a “proportional response” to the hacking of presidential candidate Hilary Clinton’s emails, suggesting a counter cyber offensive. He also mentioned that some republicans were taking the Russian involvement lightly. Also urging incoming president Mr Trump to launch an investigation into the matter.

Earlier Mr Trump downplayed allegations that he was assisted in winning the election, calling them “ridiculous and politically motivated”. On 16th December, the CIA director stated that the FBI agrees with the claim that “Russia’s goal was to help Mr Trump win”. Meanwhile Russia has dismissed the claims as “indecent”. A Mr Putin spokesman spoke to ask the US to bring evidence of wrongdoing or “stop talking”.

Mrs Clinton claimed to party donors that the hacking attack was a personal indifference with the Russian president due to her comments about the Russian elections 5 years ago, when she claimed they were rigged. The FBI director started an inquiry into the hacked emails 11 days before the vote and were dropped 2 days before voting day. During Mrs Clinton’s first comments since the saga began, she spoke about how this case was “about the integrity of our democracy and the security of our nation.”

The hacked emails included some 19000 from the Democratic National Committee and those of the Clinton campaign chief, John Podesta.

Our Verdict: This on-going issue of the hacked emails doesn’t seem to be waning. The evidence suggests that Mr Trump may have been helped by Russia, which is not difficult to believe especially when considering his unusually warm relationship with Mr Putin. The question here is, if there will be an investigation in the hacking and where that is likely to lead? President Obama has called Mr Trump to initiate the investigation, this is very unlikely considering the claims are putting his election win into question. Regardless of the outcome of an investigation if any, the revelations of the emails do not change. They were an unfair tool, helping the public make a decision, handicapping the democrat candidate against Mr Trump and strengthening him at a key moment in the campaign. The war of words from Mr Obama will not last, it will be interesting to see how the Trump-Putin relationship progresses going forward.

Key Word: Proportional

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